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On June 26th 1876 Lt. Col. George A. Custer drove his seven companies of the U.S. 7th Cavalry into the valley of the Little Bighorn River in search of that last big victory to cement his place in history.  There he met a vast gathering of Native American nations not willing to back down from the normal tactics of the U.S. Army.  Custer planted his name in history but for the wrong reasons, as he and 255 of his men were slaughtered at the Little Bighorn.  This game brings back both the famous and infamous cast list of this incident to create an unusual style of rummy.

Game Object

This is a rummy set collection game where players collect both Native American and U.S. Cavalry melds to secure points while attempting to empty their hand.  Special/support cards alter play which allows players to play single cards (chiefs) to their table, look through the discard pile, and help Lt. Col. Custer escape (who is worth -20 points), among other actions.  The first player to achieve 150 points wins the game.


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I would like to recognize the main play testers of Little Bighorn Rummy:  Sharon Longstreet, Mark Acres, George and Martha Kasnic, Dale and Andrew Moore, Bobby Clark, and Matt Hulgan, along with their families and friends.


Little Bighorn Rummy will soon return to Kickstarter.

Coming: Winter 2013